“Thank you for your support over these 11 years. As of the end of March 2022, Place To Grow has ceased to be active in the Kanto Area. For more details on how to contribute to Place to Grow in Tohoku or other Japan-based NGOs, please read on.”

Place To Grow NGO report

About Place to Grow

“Place to Grow was a 100% volunteer-led nonprofit aimed at connecting and inspiring a generation of leaders in disaster-stricken Tohoku communities from 2011 to 2022.

March 2022, Message from Founder, Angela Marie Ortiz

Stay Connected To Minamisanriku beyound 2022!!

Contact Oikawa-san, Minamisanriku local business leader & former director of PTG.

Minamisanriku has learning programs, lectures (online and offline) for companies, classrooms and individuals to learn about sustainable community building & other SDG’s. You can also volunteer directly with the city by emailing Oikawa Yoshinori: oikawa@maruara.jp

Please let him know that you were referred by Place To Grow.

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For information on working with NGO's in Japan

Sarajean Rossitto

Contact Sarajean Rossitto, NGO consultant & former chairperson of PTG advisory committee. .

Angela Ortiz

Contact Angela Ortiz, Consultant for SDG’s project design and Circular Economy strategies. Author of Place To Grow, 8 Principles That Will Make You An Effective Leader In Social Impact. Founder of Place To Grow