Local Interview #3

1.   Why is a community important to you as a mother?

Having a community allows mothers to meet and learn from various generations, to receive support from the community and grow with their children. Through interactions with people from different backgrounds, children can learn the basics manners, including greetings.

2.   What value do you think the Santa soul train event in MSR brings to your children’s lives?

Children are looking forward to Santa Soul Train every year. Santa Soul Train is where children get to meet and build friendship with people from different countries. Santa Soul Train became their children’s favorite event of the year, especially because there were hardly anything they looked forward to after the 3.11. They also enjoy the performance, food, presents, as well as the English learning opportunities there as well.

3.   Share your hopes or fears for the future around raising your children.

Our concern about the children’s future is that our community doesn’t have very many children now, and we aren’t sure how many people will remain in Minamisanriku in the future. Would there be schools in town? Would the community be sustainable? Would our children continue to want to stay in their hometown? Would our children come back after finishing trading school or college? Minamisanriku was able to recover to this point because of the support from many people, both domestic and international, so we would like our children to love their Minamisanriku, remain here, and revitalize their hometown when they grow up.