Nagoya Mosaic Workshop

PTG’s June workshop was held on June 11th at Hotel Kanyo. This event was focused on bringing children and their families in Minami Sanriku (MSR) together to enjoy mosaic art. Everyone was able to spend the afternoon together with old and new friends. Nagoya Mosaic came for the day and held a mosaic workshop for all of the children. They helped the children craft their own coasters and photo frames with a vibrant array of tiles.

First everyone made their own coasters with many of the girls including pinks, purples, and blues in their designs as well as hearts. Some of the boys used other colors as well as tried to make interesting designs.

 Tile art pieces and frame.
Tile art pieces and frame.

After gluing all the pieces down volunteers helped set the new designs in plaster as the kids made their photo frames. Some made beautiful geometric pieces while others included different shapes and sizes. Some of them asked their friends to make a design for them or to pick out pieces for their own.

“Everyone had a lot of fun. My three girls liked making their own photo frames to share their memories. It was great to see them get to make something that they could keep.”

 Getting creative!
Getting creative!

“The different designs that the children made were all very pretty and interesting. We are happy that they had such a good time.”

“It is difficult to get children from all over MSR to come to an event like this. I am glad that they were able to make new friends today.”

In total 19 people came to the event. Although there were only eight children it was the perfect size for all of the crafts they were making. The different mosaics were great for a bonding experience as most everyone asked each other which color or piece was better. As a result, each coaster and photo frame had a little input by everyone. 


8: Local Children Participants

4: Local Adult Participants

4: Volunteers from Nagoya Mosaic

3: Volunteers from Place to Grow

Hogan Lovells

Place to Grow Corporate Sponsor Profile

We are excited to share this profile of the wonderful people at Hogan Lovells, who have been supporting Place to Grow through both in-kind donations, staff volunteer support, and financial aid.  Hogan Lovells is a global legal practice that helps corporations, financial institutions, and governmental entities across the spectrum of their critical business and legal issues globally and locally. 

Please tell us about your company, and why you chose to get involved with Place to Grow?

Volunteering and citizenship (corporate social responsibility) is a very important part of the work of all of our employees at Hogan Lovells and we encourage full participation in these types of activities.  In the case of choosing which charities to support, we usually have staff nominate two or three different choices and then everybody votes on which one to support as our main charity for the year.  The democratic process helps to ensure the engagement of the whole office.

We go beyond talking about good Citizenship – we live it every day. Everyone is asked to volunteer at least 25 hours each year as part of normal work duties, and our lawyers devote more than 100,000 hours every year to pro bono matters. We invest our time, talents, and resources in the places where we live and work, and across our global community.

Globally, we run a Community Investment program that covers all volunteering undertaken by our people.  It focuses on non-legal skills and can be undertaken by anyone in our offices. Our staff work closely with local community organisations, charities and schools to develop projects that tackle social issues faced by people in the areas in which our offices are located. Our five priority areas focus on education, employability, mentoring, social welfare, and working with the elderly. Many of our projects also offer our people the opportunity to develop their own skills alongside giving back to our communities. 

What inspires you personally about your work, and about volunteering?

It is inspiring to know that our HL Tokyo office team is constantly striving to become a more all-encompassing, caring group of global citizens. Having an opportunity to volunteer means that one can contribute not only on work matters assigned to the individual but on matters that one has chosen to get involved in that count towards something that matters to Hogan Lovells and society as a whole.  There is a trickle-down effect of this engagement in volunteering and going beyond what one would normally be expected to do when carrying out one's duties at work.  There is a sense of taking responsibility for each other as a team and this inspires one to work at Hogan Lovells and take responsibility also for doing a better job.

Exemplary Citizenship is an integral part of Hogan Lovells’ culture and strategy. Our shared belief in the value of social responsibility is one of the bonds that unifies us as a global firm and we seek to engage all of our offices and people in our Citizenship programs.  Many of us have worked on some impressive and ground-breaking Citizenship activities over the years and are able to provide leadership in this domain as well as in the specialist area of legal practice.

Would you recommend volunteering to other companies or individuals?

Absolutely!  Volunteering is an invaluable way to connect with the wider community, which we are all part of.  Volunteering can provide much needed support to others in the community, as well as offering all participants a chance to develop as individuals, and to learn new skills.  Volunteering is ultimately a rewarding experience for everyone.