Art Workshop #2 with Ohana International School

This November 6th, we hit the road bright and early for a weekend adventure in Minami Sanriku, lead by the fantastic people at オハナ・インターナショナル・スクール.

Our volunteers from Tokyo designed an inspiring artistic curriculum that would encourage the children to explore their creativity through the use of a selection of "junk art" materials, such as feathers, string, woodchips, tiles, corks, and more, applied to large primed canvases.  

The theme of the art creations was the symbolic tree in Rikuzentakata that has come to symbolize the resilience of the people of Tohoku.

After a quick warm-up session and introduction, the children jumped right in and worked in extremely creative and unexpected ways to make some truly expressive and beautiful pieces of art.  The children worked together to put together their masterpieces, along with volunteers at each table to provide support and encouragement.

 Children at the workshop presenting their art works.
Children at the workshop presenting their art works.



17: Local Children

5: Local Adults

2: PTG Volunteers

6: Partner Volunteers

Watch the video report!

After each work of art was complete, each team of children brought their finished piece in front of the group, and were asked to explain their idea and vision for the art.

We were blown away at the presence of the children's presentations; the complexity of their ideas and the detailed, deep stories they told.

We are very much looking forward to the next visit!