April Easter Workshop

This Easter Sunday SOGO Team (Kevin, Elma, and Ruri) from Tokyo joined PlaceTo Grow workshops in Tohoku and led fitness games and activities to help continue to bring communities together.

This year our goal is to connect the communities through wellness and fitness. This was the second SOGO trip to Tohoku & we focused on Easter fitness games. We visited Shizugawa High School and Ooya Asobiba. We did Radio Taiso Xtreme version, which was a great way to get everyone together. We had so much fun moving around while sharing words in English and Japanese.

The children have practiced the Radio Taiso Extreme since they did it at the 1st SOGO×PTG workshop in February, so they were quite advanced already!Playing Easter games was new for kids in Minamisanriku, so the kids were very excited to find eggs and get snacks!!

At the Asobiba the US navy team of volunteers from Misawa Air Force Military Base spent two days building monkey bars for the children and setting up a swing and other climbing equipment. We celebrating the reopening of the children’s play center with over 20 local residents by having a BBQ and dancing and singing outside with guest performer Stuart O leading as the Easter Chick!.


25: Local Children

21: Local Adults

16: Volunteers


Easter Egg hunt

Radio Taiso X

Fitness Games

Communication Circle

Spring BBQ