Place to Grow Membership Policy

November 2020

Scope of this Policy


This Policy applies to individuals who pay a membership fee to Place to Grow (Members).


  • What it means to be a Member of Place to Grow


      1. Place to Grow has a vibrant and broad community of positive, like-minded professionals and students committed to Place to Grow’s mission: Inspire the next generation of Tohoku, Japan, through fitness and language exchange.
      2. The purpose of the Place to Grow membership is to grow that community and by doing so allow many others in Japan and overseas to:
        1. contribute to and support Place to Grow;
        2. contribute to and connect with Japanese society, particularly communities hard hit by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear tragedy;
        3. learn about the events and effects of that tragic day of March 11, 2011.


  • Eligibility


      1. Only individuals can be Members under this Policy.
      2. Corporations and other organizations can support Place to Grow by donating funds, goods, or services as financial or in-kind sponsors:


  • Membership fee


      1. The membership fee is ¥500 per month or ¥6,000 per year.
      2. Payment can be made online or via bank transfer.
      3. Membership fees are donations and are not refundable.


  • How to become a Member


      1. Please sign up here: 
      2. You will receive an acknowledgement email shortly after submitting your details.


  • Benefits of being a Member


      1. Place to Grow is 100% volunteer run so all of your membership fee goes directly towards Place to Grow’s activities for children in Minamisanriku. By paying an annual membership fee, you will be directly funding the costs for having one child participate in Place to Grow’s workshops throughout the year.
      2. In addition, Members can:
        1. receive Place to Grow newsletters and updates to hear about events, local news, and volunteering opportunities;
        2. receive discounts at certain events held by Place to Grow or its partners;
        3. enjoy priority access to weekend volunteering road trips up to Minamisanriku (temporarily suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic);
        4. enjoy priority access to volunteering at the Santa Soul Train; 
        5. *receive a free copy of 8 Principles That Will Make You an Effective Leader in Social Impact by Angela Ortiz, founder and CEO of Place to Grow (*once you have been a Member for two years); and
        6. *receive a free Place to Grow volunteering jacket, proudly designed and produced by Hoshi-gumi, PTG’s local community leaders in Minamisanriku (*once you have been a Member for three years).
      3. You do not have to be in Japan or physically go anywhere to be a Member—you can be a Member and support Place to Grow from wherever you may be in the world.


  • Cancelling your membership


      1. You can cancel your membership at any time by ceasing to make any further payments.
      2. No notice is required to cancel, but we will be sad to see you go so may continue to reach out from time to time with newsletters. You can unsubscribe completely at any time by following the instructions on the newsletter.


  • Code of conduct


    1. While supporting Place to Grow, each Member is expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is appropriate in light of:
      1. Place to Grow’s mission, the beneficiaries of which are primarily children and young adults;
      2. Place to Grow’s status as a non-profit organization; and
      3. the spirit of volunteer camaraderie.
    2. If the Place to Grow CEO or leadership team decides that a Member is unfit to continue as a Member, that Member’s membership may be cancelled.