PTG pub quiz Team


Online/offline PTG pub quiz! Nov. 16,11月16日 オンライン・リアルのパブクイズ開催‼

Team Registration

Place To Grow volunteers and friends are welcome to join our annual PTG Pub Quiz either offline or online on Tuesday, November 16  from 19:30 to 22:00.We will have some awesome prizes up for grabs that can be won by participants competing from anywhere! Tickets are 3,000 yen for the in-person event at the Hobgoblin Roppongi (2,000yen going to PTG and 1,000yen for two drinks) and 2,000 yen for online participation.

Place To Growのボランティアや友達の方々と一緒に11月19日(19:00〜20:30) オフラインまたはオンラインで、毎年恒例のPTGパブクイズに参加をしましょう!どちらから参加しても豪華賞品が獲得できるよう、ご用意しています。 チケット代:

  • ホブゴブリンでの対面で3,000円 (PTGへの寄付金2,000円と2ドリンク1,000円)
  • オンラインで2,000円

OFFLINE— we will have a traditional pub quiz at the Hobgoblin Roppongi hosted in both English and Japanese with social distancing measures, 2 free drinks, masks, and the excitement of competing in-person with your teammates! We’ll provide the masks, so please make sure to place one seat in between you and your teammates and keep your mask on while talking and when not drinking 😊

IMPORTANT: To prevent overcrowding and ensure proper processing of registration, we ask that all who plan to participate RSVP by Tuesday, Nov. 17th as going on the Facebook event or via the PTG contact page (here: Please also indicate the number of anticipated team members and your team name, if possible.

Payment for offline participation can be done online on this page (see payment options below) or on the day, in-person. When paying online, please indicate that you will be attending the offline event.

ONLINE— you can participate in our Pub Quiz from the comfort of your home by watching the Hobgoblin live stream on Facebook and by using your smart phone to answer quiz questions. Just remember: no Googling allowed! 😉

IMPORTANT: To ensure proper processing of registration, we ask that all who plan to participate RSVP and pay by Tuesday, Nov. 17th via this page (see payment options below). We will send you an email confirming your payment, then, on Nov. 19th, we will email you again with a link to the quiz and the Facebook Live Stream event (accessible even with out a Facebook account).

OFFLINE- ホブゴブリン六本木店では、英語と日本語の両方で行われる伝統的なパブクイズを開催します。PTGの方から皆様にマスクをご提供しますので、ぜひともお話の際及びお飲み物を飲んでいない際、参加者同士の感染防止のために、お付けになるよう、お願い申し上げます。




ONLINE- 自宅でホブゴブリンのFacebookライブストリームを見ながら、スマートフォンを使ってクイズに答えてパブクイズに参加できます。しかし、グーグルでの検索は禁止です! 😉



New to Pub Quizzes? No worries! A “Pub Quiz” is a friendly trivia contest held in a bar. Participants normally compete as a team in order to win prizes. You win prizes by earning points from correctly answered quiz questions. The teams with the most points win a prize! This year, due to social-distance measures, you can now participate by answering quiz questions on your smartphone either at the bar or at home. Teams and individual participants are both welcome, thanks to this unique format!

パブクイズの初心者でも心配ありません! パブクイズ は、バーやパブで開催されるトリビアコンテストです。参加者は通常、賞品を獲得するためにチームとして競います。正解したクイズの問題からポイントを獲得することで、最も多くのポイントを獲得したチームが賞品を獲得します。今年は社会的遠距離対策のため、パブでも自宅でもスマートフォンでクイズに答えて参加できるようになりました。チームでの参加も、個人での参参加も大歓迎です


Discount of 20% for registering a team of 3 or more people at the same time.|

3 people – suggested donation of 4,800 JPY
4 people – suggested donation of 6,400 JPY
(maximum cost for one team is 4 members, all other members are free unless they want to donate more)

3 people – suggested donation of 7,200 JPY
4 people – suggested donation of 9,600 JPY
Maximum team size is 4 members